Six months ago I found a fabulous in-home personal trainer on Nextdoor, so today I thought I'd reach out and recommend Damon Hall. I rarely write recommendations, but should you be looking for an in-home personal trainer, Damon Hall is your guy. I've lost 23 pounds so far, he comes to the house 3 days a week and my husband and I each schedule a 1-hour appointment. He's professional, punctual, and his individualized training sessions are fantastic. You will not be disappointed.


Damon knew my limits right away and geared my workout so I could achieve my goals in fitness! He listened and then he "GOT TO WORK"!!


I had lost my will to continue and get the body I dreamed of so I hired Damon and let me tell you, he is truly DYNAMIC! It's not easy both emotionally and physically but he pushes me to finish and that really is where it counts.


I was hesitant about working with a trainer, but after the first session with Damon, those problems went away. He listened to my goals and was able to customize my sessions while working around my problem areas. Our sessions were never boring and were challenging, but never too much. He was very encouraging without having to resort to any drill sergeant style tactics. When my backyard studio was not available, he found ways to train me in the living room. No matter what space I had to to work in, he found ways to provide a good workout in any location. I feel like I am stronger than I have ever been and it's thanks to the sessions I have with Damon.


I have been meaning to write this review for a while. I found Damon while “Googling” for a personal trainer in Denver that would come to our home. I got four responses, and honestly, was leaning toward an introductory session with the yoga personal trainer offered up to me. She did not respond- at first- and I am so glad. Myself, and my partner, are female, 50ish, and, while not terribly out-of-shape, definitely did not find the time to work out and exercise like we should. We work a lot, have family obligations, etc. (Like most people). Hiring a personal trainer (that would come to OUR HOME twice a week) seemed like an investment in our health we should make time and money for. So, we did. When Damon showed up on our doorstep, my first thought was NO WAY this will work. This dude looked like Superman- crossfit guy, and I thought, “There is no way he will fit in with what us two, middle-aged ladies need. We will die”. I was so wrong! Damon showed up (the next visit- after out initial consultation), completely prepared for an hour-long workout that challenged us- but was thoughtful and safe to our individual needs. Twice per week (EXACTLY on time), Damon is at our door with a different, fun workout that he has obviously researched. It has been two months now… we both appreciate Damon so much and feel like we can tackle ski season in confidence. We have so much more stamina. Our cardio is better. He even kinda feels like “family”, we like him so much! To end this review: your health is your wealth: Invest in Damon Hall.